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What is mower stress on the lawn?

There are several things that can cause mower stress on lawns. One of the most common is dull mower blades. Make sure you sharpen your mower blades professionally twice a year. Never cut your grass too low, We recommend a minimum height of 3". And finally, when the outside temperature is very hot (usually over 90) the wheels of your lawn mower can break the blades of your grass leaving brown tire tracks. Your lawn generally will recover in two to three weeks if you are properly watering.

I have brown spots on my lawn. What are they?

There are many reasons for brown spots. A proper diagnosis by a professional is very important. It could be anything from a dog urine burn to a disease or insect problem. Just call us for a free diagnosis.

How often should I water?

We recommend watering every day between 5 am and 9 am for 20 - 30 minutes per zone. On extremely hot days, add a late afternoon watering around 7 pm.

How can I avoid drought stress on my lawn?

We recommend that your lawn gets 2" - 3" of water per week. You will usually need, at least, 20 minutes per zone per day. This will insure continuous growth.

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